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HTS Bioinf - System owner checklist


This procedure summarizes the regular maintainance work that a person with a system owner role needs to make sure gets done on their respective systems. The system owner role and the list of current role holders are detailed in Bioinformatics group roles. Being system owner does not mean that you have to do all the work, but that you have to make note of what needs to be done and are accountable for making sure things get done.


Go through checklist every month.

  • For each repo under group:
    • Check that CI tests run successfully.
    • Review branches
      • If stale or no MR, contact last committer. Warn them that the branch will be removed in case of no progress.
      • Remove any unneeded branches.
    • Review open MRs
      • If stale, ask assigned person/reviewer for status.
      • Consider asking assigned person to rebase, if necessary.
    • Review repo's issues
      • Remove any duplicates.
      • See if you clearly understand what the issue means. Contact the issue writer (e.g. comment in issue) if anything is unclear, redundant, outdated, etc.
    • Review changelog or other release records - are those on par with the development?
    • Review CODEOWNERS file and know-how
      • Are these the correct MR approvers? Add/Remove as necessary (they should be few).
      • Do you have sufficient know-how redundancy for the repo?
    • Review packages and third-party dependencies
      • Is the devcontainer up to date with how we do things?
      • Look at latest release notes/docs. Does anything we use need an update?
      • Make any necessary updates, run tests, file an MR on dev and schedule next release if warranted.
      • Consider automating this with Renovate.
    • Review docs
      • Are README and ./docs up to date?
      • Anything in the docs-store repo that needs to be updated?
      • Are there diagrams to explain core stuff?
      • Do the procedures in the repo or in docs-store conform to how the software is used and works?
      • Fix small things. Make note of any larger work needed and contact bioinf coordinator or docs experts to evaluate and create issues.
    • Achilles: Any open avvik/improvement that pertain to the repo? If so, update and resolve them.
    • FMEA risk analysis: Any risks that need to be added or changed?