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HTS Bioinf - Update of the central docs web-pages


This procedures outlines the process of updates to the docs web-pages in Gitlab.


OUS ehåndbok (EHB) - the official documentation system for OUS

For the details on the organization of the documents and overall synchronization to EHB, see HTS Bioinf - Documentation overview.

Maintaining the documents in the central documentation web-pages is straightforward. The process is the same regardless whether it is involving documents residing in the docs/ directory of any of the systems repository or in the docs-store:

  • Create an issue (for larger changes only, unnecessary for typos etc.) and file a merge request in the respective repository;
  • Standard review and approval procedures are applicable to documentation merge requests: the code owners must approve the changes for each respective system (including the documentation system);
  • The changes can be merged on to the main/master branch (default in docs-store but not in all repositories):
    • immediately for non-significant changes or documents not linked to EHB;
    • after changelog update in EHB and unit leader approval for significant changes;
  • If changes must be staged in docs-store they can be merged onto the dev branch or a planned nascent release branch;
  • If there are structural changes (added / removed pages), these must be reflected in the index of the mkdocs.yml file in docs-builder;
  • The changes will be picked up and reproduced in the central documentation web-pages once a CI job in docs-builder has run and republished those pages (the CI job can also be manually triggered, if needed).