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HTS Bioinf - Overall process of work organisation

Projects at OUS

Larger projects typically have working groups, dedicated teams with a project mandate, plan, and regular meetings.

Bioinformatics-related tasks in such projects can need their own detailed specifications. Each project group has a leader responsible for progress. If the group leader is not from the bioinformatics group, there should be a bioinformatician responsible for following the project and gathering issues.

The bioinformatics coordinator has monthly meetings with section leader and bi-weekly meetings with unit leader to gather input on new projects, overall prioritisation and requirements, as well as to report status. The bioinformatics coordinator maintains a project list (really a list of epics), tracking the high-level status across all projects. This project list is used as high-level input when planning iterations.

Agile development

The bioinformatics group is today split into two teams, which follow separate light-weight Scrum processes:
The dev team develops ELLA and other products, usually in 2-week iterations, which are coordinated by a scrum master / ELLA product owner.
The rest of the team works mostly (but not exclusively) on tasks related to ensuring smooth production. This typically includes:

  • production duty
  • fixing bugs in production pipelines in-place
  • production pipeline testing and releases of features
  • regular data updates
  • smaller projects that are prioritized by management

A goal is to work collaboratively on few simultaneous projects at a time. This requires that there is a sufficiently detailed work-breakdown structure, estimation, and coordination. Today the estimation of amount of work per task is done fairly approximately.

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