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HTS Bioinf - Use of GDx operational channel in Teams


Description of purpose and use of GDx operational Teams channel.


  • Responsible for the Teams channel: GDx unit leader
  • Responsible for Operational log: operations team and ELLA product owner
  • Responsible for Release announcements: Release responsible


The channel GDx bioinformatikk - informasjon og kontaktskjema (referred as "the channel" further in this document) serves as a central place for disseminating information and updates regarding all GDx operational systems. Its main objective is to facilitate smooth communication and deliver timely updates and follow-ups regarding systems status and development progress.

Operational log

Whenever an operational issue is identified and deemed likely to affect multiple users, do the following:

  • Post the message with an informative subject and a concise summary to the channel.
  • Mention whether the issue has been escalated to TSD (if relevant, link to the USIT operational log).
  • Ensure to update the post upon resolution to keep all users informed of the current status.
  • If the issue was reported via helpdesk, promptly close the respective ticket(s) and direct the senders to the channel for ongoing updates on the issue.

Release announcements

Post a message upon a release with the following details:

  • Repository/reference data source and version.
  • Brief summary of changes (focus on the changes relevant to the users).
  • Date of deployment in production.