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HTS Bioinf - Using service user


The procedure describes setup and rules for using the common service user account.


Production duty bioinformaticians.

What is service user

Service user is an account (one on TSD and one on NSC) that can be used for running all production services and apps, and all regular Cron jobs.

How to log in

To log into a TSD VM as service user, use the script /ess/p22/data/durable/serviceuser/ (you must provide the name of the VM you wish to log into). Should the host authentication keys expire for any reasons, ask the system administrator (see HTS Bioinf - Bioinformatics group roles) for the service user password.

To log in as service user on NSC, use the script /boston/diag/diagInternal/serviceuser/

You will need to choose one of a number of predefined reasons for logging in as service user.

It is possible to check with the system administrator for login histories if needed.

Rules for service user

  • Service user can only be used in production.
  • It is meant to be used for automatic jobs only. For manual jobs in production use your own user.
  • The service user can also be used for removing files when cleaning the production areas.
  • No manual export jobs under service user are allowed.